ETH Price Prediction 2023: Will Ethereum Reach $2500 Soon?

• Ethereum (ETH) is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, an open-source blockchain platform that revolutionized the blockchain and DeFi sector.
• ETH Price Prediction 2023 is bullish with predictions ranging from $1805.26 to $2109.79, and potentially reaching as high as $2500 soon.
• Ethereum will transition to a Proof-of-Stake consensus through The Merge upgrade in September 15th, 2021.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum (ETH), known as Ether, is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform that revolutionized the blockchain and DeFi sector by the introduction of smart contracts. This second-generation blockchain was launched in 2015. Its native crypto coin, ether (ETH) was launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) in August 2014. The entire Ethereum network is fueled by Ether (ETH). The blueprint of the Ethereum network was first released in its whitepaper in 2013 by Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Since its launch, the blockchain-based software platform functions as a potential launchpad for several other crypto tokens, DeFi protocols, and numerous decentralized applications (dApps). Thus, Ethereum is regarded as the „world computer.“ The smart contracts are coded programs that execute autonomously with pre-defined conditions on Ethereum. These smart contracts are deployed and executed via the Ethereum Vending Machine (EVM).

Current Market Status

Ethereum’s current market status includes a 24 hour trading volume of 33 billion USD, 24 hour price change at 0.8% down, circulating supply at 120 million ETHs and all time high at 4888 USD on November 10th 2021.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2023

In regards to ETH price prediction for 2023 analysts predict future movement with statistics such as price patterns, RSI , RVOL and other information about ETH . Currently a Bullish prediction lies between 1805 – 2109 USD while bearish prediction stands at 1291 USD .

The Merge Upgrade

Ethereum will transition to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus through The Merge upgrade which has been set for September 15th 2021 . Initially ,the ethereum network was built on proof of work since it’s inception but due to it’s energy intensive nature developers have decided to move towards proof of stake after 2020 . After this transition ,the Ether token which previously was inflationary will now be deflationary .


All things considered ,Ethereum seems primed to hit new heights based on current market analysis including bullish predictions up to 2500USD . However transitioning from PoW To PoS could pose some challenges so investors should stay vigilant when investing in this volatile asset class .

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Bitstamp USA and Prove Identity Partner to Enhance Security and Speed Up Onboarding

• Prove Identity partners with Bitstamp USA to strengthen security and compliance
• Prove’s Pre-Fill solution prefills online applications with bank-grade data from authoritative sources
• Customers can onboard in under a minute with Prove’s Pre-Fill, while being protected by the highest levels of security and compliance.

Partnership between Prove and Bitstamp

Prove Identity, Inc. has announced a partnership with Bitstamp, one of the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges, to bolster security and compliance controls while expediting user onboarding.

Pre-Fill Onboarding Solution

Powered by the Prove Identity Network (PIN), Prove’s Pre-Fill solution streamlines the account opening process by pre-populating forms with verified identity information tied to a phone number. This mitigates fraud through its patented identity framework, providing customers with an easier and more secure signup process that can be completed in under a minute.

Benefits for Bitstamp US Users

The adoption of Prove’s Pre- Fill allows users to experience efficient onboarding while meeting regulatory compliance standards set by Bitstamp USA. This ensures platform safety without sacrificing user experience or conversions, allowing anyone with a smartphone to become part of the crypto community quickly and securely.

Commitment to Regulatory Compliance

Thomas Hook, Chief Compliance Officer at Bitstamp USA stated that they are “fully committed to regulatory compliance and curtailing fraud on our platform” as their mission is “to streamline each customer’s onboarding experience and accelerate the KYC process while maintaining the highest levels of platform safety”.


Joon Pak, Head of Crypto at Prove concluded that “Bitstamp’s adoption of Prove Pre-Fill underscores their commitment to providing users a safer, faster experience” proving that customers can now access services quickly while also knowing they are being protected by the highest levels of security and compliance.

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Secure Crypto Gambling at BTCasino – Enjoy a Variety of Games Now!


• BTCasino is a modern, user-friendly cryptocurrency gambling platform.
• Bitcoin gambling is gaining popularity due to its anonymity, security and quick transactions.
• Fraudsters are still at large; however, Bitcoin transactions are decentralized and recorded on a public ledger for added security.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling offers several advantages over traditional payment methods that make it an attractive option for players who want privacy and convenience. The decentralized digital currency provides anonymity, allowing players to deposit and withdraw funds without having to reveal any personal or financial information. Transactions are almost instantaneous, eliminating the need to wait for long processing times or deal with complex banking procedures. Furthermore, Bitcoin gambling sites often offer bonuses and promotions that can significantly increase a player’s bankroll.

Security Features

The exceptional level of security provided by Bitcoin online gambling makes it even more appealing. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger, making them nearly impossible to alter or manipulate without detection. This decentralization also eliminates the need for third-party involvement in transactions, as all parties involved can view the transaction before it is executed. Additionally, fraudsters have no way of accessing funds stored in a user’s wallet without access to the private key associated with it. As such, users can rest assured that their funds are safe from hackers and other malicious actors when using Bitcoin online gambling platforms like BTCasino.

Future of Gambling

The rise of Bitcoin online gambling represents a significant shift in the casino sector as more players opt for this payment method due to its unrivaled security features and quick transactions. Moreover, there is no shortage of options available when it comes to games; from classic casino games like blackjack and roulette to sports betting and esports titles, there is something for everyone at BTCasino!


In conclusion, the emergence of reliable crypto gambling platforms like BTCasino presents an excellent opportunity for players looking for secure and anonymous ways to gamble online with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. With its cutting-edge security measures in place and wide selection of games available, BTCasino is sure to be one of the top choices out there for crypto gamblers!

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FlokiFi Locker Surpasses $31.5M in TVL: Binance Listing Next?

• FlokiFi Locker has surpassed $31.5 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).
• The protocol secures digital assets with an ERC-1155 multi-token standard solution.
• FLOKI is the third most popular meme token, trailing only Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

FlokiFi Locker Exceeds $31.5 Million in TVL

FlokiFi Locker surpassed $31.5 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), showing the continued growth in popularity of Floki’s digital asset locker. FlokiFi Locker is a multi-chain protocol that supports 12 EVM-compatible blockchains, including BNB Chain and secures digital assets with an ERC-1155 multi-token standard solution. This standard can batch-lock fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other token types together in a single transaction using a single contract.

FLOKI Overview

FLOKI is the Floki Ecosystem’s utility token as well as the people’s cryptocurrency. It was launched by Elon Musk after he named his Shiba Inu puppy ‚Floki‘. Since then, Floki has become one of the most successful meme tokens on the market, ranking third after Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and having a total market cap of $427 million at the time of writing. The price of a FLOKI token was $0.00004807 according to CoinMarketCap data and decreased by 4.80% in 24 hours while increasing by more than 111% over the last week.

Will Binance List FLOKI?

Floki hosts on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain giving it access to both communities and is supported by a dedicated fan base as well as strong marketing campaigns which led Kucoin to list it for its 27 million users across 207 countries worldwide providing more exposure for FLOKI holders potential gains from increased demand created by listing on larger exchanges such as Binance or Huobi Global which are yet to be confirmed at this stage but are highly likely given enough support from community members who continue to spread awareness about their favorite coin/token through various social media channels such as Twitter & TikTok etc..

Elon Musk Launches FLOKI

Elon Musk announced that he was naming his Shiba Inu puppy Floki, leading to a flood of ‚Floki‘ dogecoins entering circulation shortly afterwards – making it one of the most successful meme coins on the market today with a total market cap reaching up to $427 million at present day pricing values according to CoinMarketCap data sources .


It appears that FLOKI may have huge potential if listed on exchanges like Binance or Huobi Global due to its growing popularity amongst meme crypto investors – however nothing has been officially confirmed yet so we will have to wait & see how far this coin goes! Despite recent dips experienced within 24 hours , its value still increased significantly over previous weeks indicating strong underlying support from investors predicting future success stories like those experienced by DOGE/SHIB before them!

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Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Imminent Global Market Meltdown

• Robert Kiyosaki, the financial guru and author of „Rich Dad Poor Dad,“ recently warned of an imminent global market meltdown.
• He encouraged his audience to invest in assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin to protect their wealth against this potential crash.
• His warning was based on the mass layoffs that occurred in Silicon Valley companies in 2022 and Stansberry Research’s prediction of a Valentine’s Day disaster.

Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Imminent Global Market Meltdown

American businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki has long been an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin, and recently issued a warning about a potential market meltdown to his 2.3 million followers. The New York Times bestselling author believes that time has come for a worldwide financial disaster due to the mass layoffs that occurred in Silicon Valley companies in 2022 as well as Stansberry Research’s prediction of a Valentine’s Day disaster.

Silicon Valley Layoffs

In 2022, most Silicon Valley companies laid off a total of 144,000 workers followed by 66,000 additional individuals losing their jobs within the first month of 2023. Companies such as Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Zoom have all experienced significant losses due to the current market situation.

Stansberry Research Prediction

Stansberry Research suggested that there will be a “Valentine’s Day Disaster” which could cause stocks markets around the world to crash along with commodities such as Gold and Silver as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki’s Advice

Kiyosaki advised his followers to take precautionary measures by investing in assets such as Gold, Silver and Bitcoin regardless of whether or not their prices recover from this potential downturn. He believes these assets can provide stability during times of economic turmoil due to their scarcity and decentralized nature.


Robert Kiyosaki is one among several prominent figures who are advocating for increased investment into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin during times of economic uncertainty. As more investors are turning towards digital assets for protection against global market meltdowns, it is important for them to educate themselves about these products before entering into any investments decisions related to them

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Binance Re-Enters South Korea With GOPAX Acquisition: A Promising Market!

Binance Re-enters South Korea After Acquiring GOPAX Exchange

• Binance has purchased a controlling stake in the South Korean crypto exchange GOPAX, using their Industry Recovery Initiative.
• This marks the return of Binance to South Korea after an absence of 2 years, as they still see the country as a promising market.
• The purchase was made possible after Genesis froze client withdrawals and redemptions, which had an effect on Binance’s bid to acquire GOPAX.

Industry Recovery Initiative

Binance is making its comeback to South Korea’s crypto market by purchasing a controlling stake in cryptocurrency exchange GOPAX through their ‘Industry Recovery Initiative’. This initiative was spearheaded by Binance themselves and allowed them to make this purchase possible.

Promising Market

South Korea remains a promising market for Binance since it is home to one of the world’s biggest crypto economies, talented individuals, and a thriving startup sector. By entering this market again, Binance will be able to strengthen its position as one of the leading providers of blockchain and web3 technologies worldwide.

GoFi Redemptions

To complete their purchase of GOPAX, due diligence had been completed by BInance last month on their acquisition. However, due to Genesis freezing client withdrawals and redemptions related to GoFi (GOPAX’s wealth management product) around $47 million had to be paid back out to customers before anything could go ahead with the deal. Therefore, BInance aims to fund GOPAX so that customers may withdraw funds and get interest on yield products like GoFi.


Overall, this purchase signifies BInance’s return into South Korea’s crypto market after having left two years ago – despite initially facing some obstacles related to redemptions from GoFi customers – believing it still holds potential for them in terms of blockchain technology advancements that could benefit users worldwide.

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Coinbase Fined $3.6M by Dutch Central Bank for Unregistered Crypto Services

• Coinbase Incurs $3.6M Dutch Fine for Providing Unregistered Crypto Services
• The Dutch Central Bank imposed the hefty fine due to non-compliance violations
• Coinbase plans to protest the fine, citing that they are not in violation of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing norms

American crypto exchange Coinbase recently received a hefty fine of $3.6 million from the Dutch central bank for providing unregistered crypto services to customers in the country. The De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) said that the company had violated Dutch law, which requires that crypto providers register under anti-money laundering and terrorist financing norms.

The DNB cited Coinbase’s Dutch customer base and competitive advantage gained from not paying supervisory fees as reasons for the increased fine. Coinbase plans to protest the fine, citing that they are not in violation of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing norms. The company has said that it has been fully compliant with the Dutch Central Bank’s regulations since September 2022.

In response to the fine, Coinbase released a statement saying that it had „worked diligently to ensure compliance“ with the Dutch central bank’s regulations, and that it had been fully compliant since September 2022. The statement added that the company had „made significant investments in resources, personnel, and technology to ensure we meet the highest standards of compliance.“

The governing bank has also said that Coinbase’s „degree of culpability of the non-compliance“ warranted an increased fine. Coinbase is currently considering how to contest the fine, and has stated that it will continue to invest in resources and personnel to ensure it meets the highest standards of compliance.

The hefty fine imposed by the Dutch central bank serves as a reminder to crypto exchanges and other businesses providing crypto services to be aware of the legal frameworks they are operating in. As crypto continues to gain mainstream adoption, it is essential that companies remain compliant with regulations in order to protect their customers and the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

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Tesla Stands Firm On Bitcoin Holdings Despite Crypto Market Slump

• Tesla has held onto its Bitcoin holdings despite the crypto market slump
• Tesla’s stock has surged today and has increased by 13% over the past five days
• Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings have not been sold and are estimated to be around $245 million

Tesla has been making waves in the crypto space since they announced their investment in Bitcoin earlier this year. Recently, even though the crypto market has been experiencing a slump, Tesla has made it clear that they are determined to hold onto their Bitcoin holdings. This news has come as a surprise to many, as it was expected that Tesla would sell part of their crypto holdings during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Tesla’s stock has been surging lately, with shares rising by 13% over the past five days. This could be attributed to the announcement made by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk that they could possibly deliver two million Tesla this year. This news has further cemented the company’s commitment to their crypto investments.

When it comes to their Bitcoin holdings, it has been revealed that Tesla still has 25% of the Bitcoin they bought during the crypto bull run of 2021. This puts their estimated Bitcoin holdings at around $245 million. This is a substantial amount and shows that Tesla is still committed to their crypto investments despite the current market climate.

The fact that Tesla is still holding onto their Bitcoin holdings even though the crypto market has been experiencing a slump is a testament to the company’s long-term commitment to their crypto investments. This could be an indication that Tesla believes that the crypto market will rebound in the near future and that their Bitcoin holdings will be a lucrative asset for them in the long run.

It remains to be seen how the crypto market will react to Tesla’s decision to hold onto their Bitcoin holdings. However, it is clear that the company is committed to their crypto investments and is willing to weather the storm in order to reap the rewards of their Bitcoin holdings in the future.

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What people think about Bitcoin Code

If you invest money and always keep an eye on Bitcoin trading, you can earn several hundred euros in just one day with the provider Bitcoin Code, for example. Of course, there is no guarantee for this, but the chances are much better with the help of a bot than without. This can be assumed at least when it comes to investors who have no experience of their own. But even with a little specialist knowledge, it is not quite easy to make money with trading. The problem is that the cryptocurrency market is traded around the clock. Who has so much time to always keep an eye on all the prices?

One possible solution to the above problem: registering with Bitcoin Code. Here, an algorithm ensures that already existing data is effectively used to predict price changes in the future. This doesn’t always work, but very often and leads to people being able to earn money on the side.

### Logo ###

This is the principle behind the Bitcoin Code platform

The principle behind is quite easy to explain and can therefore convince many people. Anyone who registers here only has to make a deposit of 250 dollars. Afterwards, a bot can be activated, which monitors the prices for the provider 24 hours a day and buys and sells currency if necessary. The goal of the whole thing is obvious: the investor’s money should gradually become more. In this way, it is theoretically possible to earn a few hundred or even thousand euros a month. How high the profit actually is depends primarily on the amount of the investment.

### Kenzahlen ###

The inventor behind the famous platform

Steven McKay is the name of the person who brought Bitcoin Code to life. The expert has made it his task to make trading possible from now on also for those people who have not dared to do it so far because of the lack of knowledge or too little time. According to the opinion of numerous successful investors from all over the world, he has definitely succeeded in doing so. This is due in no small part to the knowledge of the inventor and the skilful programming of the bot.

### 3 steps ###

What people think about Bitcoin Code

Here, as everywhere else, there are different opinions. While some investors believe that you should take the individual trades into your own hands, others are completely satisfied with the use of Bitcoin Code. Those who have managed to earn a side income with the investment of only a few minutes per day can only speak positively about this platform. In case of doubt, new investors should simply try out the numerous features for themselves and then form an opinion.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin Code

The disadvantage that there is currently no mobile app can be easily overcome thanks to the many great advantages. On the one hand, investors at Bitcoin Code are given full control through a consistently high level of transparency. Secondly, the provider does not charge any fees for registration. There are no commissions either; this increases the net profits considerably in the long run.

The fact that this platform is a reputable provider can also convince many investors. The user interface is easy to use – even by people who have had nothing to do with the matter so far.

There is a so-called demo account. This is primarily used so that new users can familiarise themselves with the system and make far fewer mistakes in real trading. In general, it is a good idea to test one’s own skills with such a demo account and only invest afterwards.

Conclusion and comparison with alternatives

Since so many investors have successfully traded with Bitcoin Code to date, it can be assumed that it is a reputable and, above all, a beginner-friendly platform. In a direct comparison with other providers of this kind, Bitcoin Code also performs very well. This is mainly due to the high transparency, the good odds and the low amount for the minimum deposit,

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Sichern und Wiederherstellen einer Image-Datei von Windows 10

Ist Ihre Windows 10-Umgebung jemals so beschädigt oder instabil geworden, dass sie praktisch unbrauchbar war? Eine spezielle Sicherungsfunktion von Microsoft könnte Sie retten, wenn Sie sich jemals in einer solchen Situation befinden.

Diese Funktion, die als Systemabbildsicherung bekannt ist, erstellt eine komplette Abbilddatei von Windows 10 und nicht nur ausgewählte Ordner und Dateien, wie es beim Dateiverlauf der Fall ist. Wenn Windows jemals beschädigt wird, abstürzt oder einfach nicht mehr funktioniert, können Sie es durch Wiederherstellung des gesamten Abbilds wieder in Gang bringen. Dies ist eine bessere Option als ein Wiederherstellungslaufwerk, das Ihre persönlichen Dateien nicht speichert, und ein Wiederherstellungspunkt, der manchmal fehlschlagen kann.

Der einzige Nachteil ist, dass Sie mit der Systemabbildsicherung keine einzelnen Dateien wiederherstellen können, sondern nur das gesamte Abbild. Daher sollten Sie das Abbild in regelmäßigen Abständen erstellen, um die neueste Version Ihrer Windows 10-Umgebung zu speichern. Bevor Sie beginnen, müssen Sie eine externe Quelle einrichten, auf der Sie Ihre Abbilddatei speichern können. Sie können das Abbild auf DVDs erstellen, aber die einfachste Option ist die Verwendung eines externen Laufwerks, eines Netzlaufwerks oder eines NAS-Laufwerks (Network-Attached Storage). Fangen wir an.

Sicherung einrichten

Gehen Sie in Windows 10 zu Einstellungen > Update und Sicherheit > Sicherung > Sichern und Wiederherstellen (Windows 7). Ja, hier steht Windows 7, aber keine Sorge – der Sicherungsteil dieser Funktion funktioniert auch in Windows 10.

Klicken Sie im Fenster „Sichern und Wiederherstellen (Windows 7)“ auf den Link in der oberen linken Ecke, der „Systemabbild erstellen“ lautet.

Windows sucht nach einem Sicherungsziel auf einer Festplatte oder einem USB-Laufwerk, einer DVD oder einem Netzwerkspeicherort. Wählen Sie das gewünschte Backup-Locale. Wenn Sie ein externes Laufwerk verwenden möchten, stellen Sie sicher, dass es mit NTFS formatiert ist, um das Abbild zu speichern. Klicken Sie auf Weiter.

Bestätigen Sie, welche Bereiche oder Partitionen Ihrer Festplatte in die Sicherungsdatei aufgenommen werden sollen, und klicken Sie dann auf die Schaltfläche Sicherung starten. Windows erstellt nun die Sicherungsdatei.

Erstellen eines Systemreparaturdatenträgers

Anschließend müssen Sie einen Systemreparaturdatenträger erstellen, den Sie verwenden können, wenn Windows einmal nicht mehr von selbst hochfahren kann. Hierfür benötigen Sie ein CD- oder DVD-Laufwerk. Wenn Ihr Computer nicht über ein solches verfügt, können Sie jederzeit ein externes DVD-Laufwerk kaufen und anschließen.

Legen Sie eine CD oder DVD in Ihr Laufwerk ein. Klicken Sie im Fenster Sichern und Wiederherstellen (Windows 7) auf den Link oben links mit der Aufschrift Einen Systemreparaturdatenträger erstellen. Bestätigen Sie, dass Ihr DVD-Laufwerk angezeigt wird, und klicken Sie dann auf die Schaltfläche Datenträger erstellen.

Wiederherstellung des Systemabbilds

Okay, nehmen wir an, Sie stecken eines Tages in der Klemme, weil Windows sich nicht mehr richtig verhält. Die Wiederherstellung aus der Abbilddatei ist möglicherweise Ihre einzige Option.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Sicherungsmedium verfügbar ist. Starten Sie Ihren PC, vorausgesetzt, er ist noch startfähig. Gehen Sie in Windows 10 zu Einstellungen > Update & Sicherheit > Wiederherstellung. Klicken Sie im Abschnitt Erweiterter Start auf der rechten Seite auf die Schaltfläche Jetzt neu starten.

Gehen Sie im Fenster Option auswählen zu Problembehandlung > Erweiterte Optionen > Systemabbildwiederherstellung. Befolgen Sie die Anweisungen in Windows, um Ihre Abbilddatei wiederherzustellen.

Wenn Windows nicht mehr startet, starten Sie Ihren PC mit dem Systemreparaturdatenträger. Sie sollten zum Fenster Option auswählen gelangen, wo Sie die gleichen Schritte ausführen können, um Windows 10 in einem früheren und (hoffentlich) gesunden Zustand wiederherzustellen.

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